Dessert for one


Customization of products and services will be a market trend for many years to come.

The option of offering consumers goods related to their use and consumption profile has become an indispensable element of business strategy, in every sector and for all segments of the population. BioPastis has responded to this situation by creating a production response model based on customer demand. The “Dessert for one” model meets customer demand with a degree of adaptation that is difficult to compare with other food product suppliers, so that at BioPastis we can speak of a true “tailor-made food”. If the customer requests a modification in the recipe, a new combination of ingredients, a format different from the standard presentation or a specific product design, BioPastis will respond with a customized solution for each case, a true adaptation to the project whose results derive from the flexibility of our production structure.

Culinary consulting

More than twenty-five years of productive development, constant innovation and market monitoring endorse us as experts in our area of intervention.

During all this time, BioPastis has accumulated a long experience, now collected in our culinary documentation repositories. This experience, classified according to each of the phases that give life to the food product, is at the service of our customers thanks to the Culinary consulting unit, whose mission is to advise the customer before, during and after the implementation of projects related to the processing or marketing of food.

Elaboration of menus

The same experience that has led us to create the consulting unit enables us to offer the client a specialized service in the creation of menus.

Obviously, this is a highly customized service. Based on the conditions suggested by the client (budget, nutritional value, consumption model, gastronomic specialty, service implementation, etc.) BioPastis elaborates the most valid proposal and offers a culinary combination adapted to the project, eliminating the uncertainties and risks characteristic of businesses aimed at satisfying the commercial demand for food.

Ethnic or national specialties

The global nature of the market, the incessant transfer of information and the mobility of people and goods has reduced the virtual size of the planet, bringing together cultures and traditions unknown until recently.

In the gastronomic field, the knowledge of raw materials and culinary combinations, some not exempt of exoticism, has favored the diffusion of original specialties from other geographical areas, sometimes fused with deep-rooted local variants. BioPastis offers its clients the creation of specialties based on very diverse cultural and geographical influences, with the aim of enriching the commercial proposal of our clients with novel, attractive and suggestive foods.