The BioPastis business career runs parallel to the evolution of a cold confectionery model created to meet the food demands of society that have arisen over the last thirty years.

During this time BioPastis has not only consolidated the design and production of its main product, cold single portion pastries for catering menus and restaurant menus, but has also implemented a unique method of service and customer care based on the “Dessert for one” model, whose flexibility allows us to adapt to the specific demands of the market any of the processes involved in the production of our products, from the initial stages of culinary design to the final stages of presentation and packaging.


From artisanal baking to industrial production

BioPastis was created more than twenty-five years ago as an artisan elaboration of desserts and ice creams, a small company that evolved into an industrial project where the use of natural raw materials and the knowledge of traditional confectionery had a place. The first years served to consolidate cold production and commercialization methods, a strict selection of natural raw materials and the use of recipes contrasted by gastronomic experience. The fast and steady introduction of technological production processes led naturally and inevitably to business growth and the opening of wider markets.

1994 – 2001

Experience, technology and control to achieve leadership

As society created its own food demands, BioPastis designed and implemented products and solutions adapted to new consumption habits. The result of this evolution made BioPastis adopt increasingly technological processes, based on normalized quality standards in order to respond with guarantee to the food safety conditions demanded by demanding market sectors such as airline catering, where BioPastis has achieved a leading position that allows our desserts to be found in most of the world’s airlines.

2002 – 2012

A decade of evolution towards excellence in service

Changes in demand, the global dimension of markets and the irruption of new productive technologies have imposed a new evolutionary stage on BioPastis. During this decade, market demand has been oriented towards products with a greater range of commercial differentiation, while the product was transformed into a true customer service. In this new stage, BioPastis has demonstrated its capacity to lead a demanding sector like few others, where sanitary control does not reduce nutritional quality and the flavor is reminiscent of traditionally prepared products.

2013 – 2014

“Dessert for one”: the consolidation of flexible processes

When BioPastis created the “Dessert for one” concept, it was thinking of its customers. By adapting to the conditions required in each case, BioPastis redesigns its production structure and is able to offer a quick answer to specific culinary needs. Day by day, we see the customization of desserts as a value option demanded by the commercial competition. Customers demand “tailor-made” desserts and BioPastis is ready to offer them. The “Dessert for one” model combines analysis and design processes, flexible production technologies and expert staff in a wide range of functions.

Since 2015

BNGRUPO: Entry of new commercial group

In early 2015, Biopastis and Bngrupo signed a collaboration agreement to pursue new common goals. The need to create a new concept of artisan food at a professional level, which has never been seen before in our national market. Joining the best of each other, Biopastis and Bngrupo want to set a new trend and continue with the “Dessert for one” model initiated by Biopastis, and aimed at developing products demanded by its customers.