Quality and food safety policy

The management of BIOPASTIS S.L. aware of the obligations imposed by the Quality assurance according to the principles of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and the requirements of the food safety standards (IFS FOOD V6.1./ISO 22000) declares, publishes and makes generally known to all its organization and all its customers, its Quality and Food Safety Policy consisting of:

  • Product traceability guarantees food safety, a crucial aspect of Biopastis’ production process and commitment to our customers. In order to answer to these requirements, quality control is an essential element of our culture and fundamental to understanding how our company operates daily. Our quality management system is implemented according to the IFS standard with HACCP

We are dedicated to continuous improvement. That is why we carefully select our suppliers, who are constantly monitored with scheduled audits, as well as the ingredients we use through controls on raw materials. Our certified quality management system and integrated HACCP system guarantee total product safety, which we can control at every stage of our production process. We have also implemented a state-of-the-art software that allows us to trace each batch of products from each individual ingredient and according to the customer who received it, ensuring traceability.​

​Our commitment to our customers makes us a reliable business partner thanks to our excellent products

Our quality and food safety objectives are well defined:

  • To guarantee a high quality producto by constantly working on ways to optimize the process to benefit our costumers.​
  • To ensure that all our products and services fully satisfy our customers.​
  • To improve continuously the efficiency of our processes.​
  • To encourage the training and profesional development of our employees.​
  • To guarantee the safety and health of our employees.​
  • To manage efficiently our natural environment