Quality and food safety policy

The management of BIOPASTIS S.L. aware of the obligations imposed by the Quality assurance according to the principles of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and the requirements of the food safety standards (IFS FOOD V6.1./ISO 22000) declares, publishes and makes generally known to all its organization and all its customers, its Quality and Food Safety Policy consisting of:

  • Commitment to manufacture safe and innocuous products that satisfy the quality requirements of customers, applicable legislation and regulations and the quality and food safety levels established by the company itself.
  • To notify the customer of any eventuality that may be the cause of non-compliance in the performance of the service or the quality of the product requested by the customer or committed by BIOPASTIS S.L.
  • The Management, aware that quality is one of the pillars on which its competitiveness must be based, provides the human, technical and material resources necessary to ensure that its products and services satisfy market requirements on an ongoing basis, providing a reference framework for establishing and reviewing quality and food safety objectives, as well as taking actions to help achieve them.
  • Adapt to the requests and needs of the customer whenever possible, through the communication of the own specifications of the products or those of the manufacturing components, whenever possible.
  • To deal with customer complaints or grievances with the highest priority.
  • All the company’s staff conceives their participation and responsibility to contribute to the achievement of safety and quality of the processes and the product, which will be a characteristic in all the activities carried out in the company, and which will help us to prevent, control and correct the appearance of errors.
  • To extend as far as possible the benefits of Food Safety and Quality Management to Customers and Suppliers.
  • The management, aware of the importance of the human factor in achieving these objectives, shall adopt and inform of any measures necessary to promote the formation and motivation of its workers and to ensure the protection of the safety and health of workers.
  • The management, aware of the importance of the human factor, will adopt the necessary measures to promote the training and motivation of its employees.
  • Management will establish annual objectives to improve our facilities and production systems by promoting process improvement, developing new products with environmental responsibility, sustainability and maintaining ethical and personal responsibility for the safety and food quality of the products produced, with respect to all its interested parties.


The Management of BIOPASTIS S.L. aware of the obligations imposed by the assurance and proper environmental and ethical management, establishes its policy

  • Evaluate and increase customer satisfaction
  • Analyze the expectations of our Stakeholders, which may lead to certain business opportunities.
  • To develop our activities in accordance with the specifications and legal and regulatory requirements established and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.
  • Promote quality management, environmental management, and health and safety requirements among workers, at all levels and in all processes of the organization, identified and controlled.
  • To promote a process of continuous improvement as a priority of quality management, interpreting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and converting them into specifications of our activities.
  • Manage human and material resources within the framework of a continuous improvement process that allows for greater effectiveness and efficiency in management, with the establishment of free schedules in accordance with the execution of the work.
  • It will establish environmental objectives and verify their application, monitoring and continuous improvement, in order to reduce, as far as possible, the environmental impact of the organization, saving the use of raw materials and reducing the amount of waste produced.
  • The organization will provide the necessary means to ensure that all natural resources are conserved by minimizing the use of water and electricity. Reuse and recycling of materials will be promoted.
  • BIOPASTIS will give its workers freedom of association and collective bargaining with management, as well as will establish disciplinary measures and internal agreements with workers.
  • BIOPASTIS will agree with its employees on a system of economic benefits in accordance with the laws in force.
  • The organization will not take part in or support other companies or institutions that use child and/or forced labor, including prison labor. It shall maintain appropriate conditions for young workers.
  • The organization will carry out personnel selection processes that are fair and non-discriminatory (race, sex, origin) and will favor, when appropriate, the promotion and advancement of staff.

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